01. Book lovers never go to bed alone

Book on Victorian Architecture. 1960's.

Has fantastic illustrations of historical Sydney sandstone buildings including Sydney Town Hall and the GPO on George St. Purchased from an antiquarian book fare.

Book on the Philosophies of Eldbert Hubbard.

Founder of the Roycroft Society in America. This book is an original publication and is signed and numbered by Hubbard's son. Unique bounding using cane, a sign of the Roycrofter's daring and unparalleled workmanship.

Art deco Table Lamp.

The tripod leg design and green shades is certainly unforgettable and very unique. This was purchased from an antique store in Christchurch. Fully restored and rewired.

02. Every problem contains the seeds of its own solution

Chinese mooncake mould. Era unknown.

Has character for "fortune" engraved. This one still had remnants of dry flour stuck within the engravings. Will definitely use for attempts in making mooncakes or mochi.

Copper plant holder. Era unknown.

Has two large lion-head decorative handles. People use to bring indoors garden cuttings or plants in these containers. We currently use it as a paper bin.

Collection of cream, black and ivory sea shells. Era unknown.

We picked these up from an antique store on our way to Franz Joseph Glacier, New Zealand. Various shapes and sizes within though we've placed the smallest on top.

Birdcages. Era unknown.

Beautiful as a wedding reception feature or "wishing well". Currently contains fabric off-cuts from our other side projects.

Wooden picture frame. Era unknown.

Photo is revealed by opening the blue window shutters. The frame has a stripped paint and a nice yellow finish. Reminds me of the windows on a beach-side retreat house.

Malleys Milk Can. 1930s.

This fantastic piece harks from the days when milk and cream was delivered and transported in cans. The can has two side handles and a heavy cast iron base. The word Malleys is written on the side.

03. Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess

1950's cutlery box.

Beautiful stained finish with a new velvet interior. Use to keep my mobile and wallet inside but it makes a great statement with the assortment of ties.

Brass soap holder. Era unknown.

I definitely wouldn't mind a life size scale to use as a bathtub! Don't be fooled by the size as it weighs half a kilo. FYI, the decorations in the background are home-made sun-dried sugar-cured orange slices.

1930's umbrella.

The handle is long and thin, which is a rare feature. The handle still has the original leather. The fabric is in excellent condition with minimal stains.

1900's Billiard Iron.

This piece is extremely rare and is made in England for the Heiron and Smith billiard table manufacturers, a NSW company founded in 1883. World renowned for their excellent workmanship.

1930's Wodden Pegs.

These pegs were used to hang heavy bedding on wire lines. We picked these up on an antique trail in Newcastle. The pegs are in excellent condition.

04. If fortune calls, offer him a seat

Tall Cane Chair

This French style cane chair with long and slender ivory coloured legs stands tall and proud in a show of opulence and serves as a strong decorative statement.

Industrial Work Stool. Early 1900's.

This particular stool came from a heritage building in Parramatta. The steel legs are solid and sturdy. At our home, it's an all purpose work stool.

Gold-gilded arm chair. Era unknown.

Fully restored with gold-leafing. Has beautfiul ear and wing engravings. Cane backing and upholstery are in excellent condition.

Four poster bed from France. Era unknown.

French provincial single-size bed. In excellent condition with stripped blue paint. Has original bed frame. This bed doubles up as a sofa in our master bedroom.

05. Music is the art of thinking with sounds

1940's Bakelite British GPO Black Telephone.

Part of the 300 series. Fully restored and in good working order. Heavy and solid construction, with a loud bell ringer which is perfect because I never miss a call.

Door handle.

Any metal with rust and patina is most pleasing. There are two in this set. Will be installed on our main door one of these days so don't forget to knock!

Counter bell.

I'm pretty sure this one's a replica, but it will definitely be antique by the end of my lifetime. Great to press when one has a lightbulb moment!

Violin. Era unknown.

Has been in the family for well over 20 years. Easily tuned and still plays. This one even has a nice layer of fine dust!

06. The whole world is about three drinks behind

EPNS Teapot. Era unknown.

Newly polished. Actually I've never used this for tea because the insides are rusting. However this is officially now a detergent dispenser - and no we don't pour, we use a spoon.

1920's Brandy bottle.

This one is made in Italy and has hand-painted floral decorations. The glass has a nice green tinge. The brandy label itself is still intact and in great condition.

Fine Bone China. 1950's

This is an original Carlton Ware fine bone china from England. Despite not being the intended outcome, this crazing is most exquisite, in my humble opinion.